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Sakura of DOOM

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23 July
Things about me: I am alternately a reader, a writer, an icon-maker, a consumer of all sorts of media, a swing dancer, a knitter, a rat mom (pet rats), a fan, an avid blogger, an anti-racist, a feminist, a woman, an Asian, a Chinese woman, a third-culture kid, a Chinese American, a former resident of Taiwan, a foodie, an experimenting cook, a clinically depressed person, and a host of other things.

Most of these things come and go, none of them completely define me. If pressed, I would say I am at the core a feminist, an anti-racist, and someone who will forever be captivated by stories in any media, fictional or non-fictional but always true.

Administrative notes: Please feel free to friend and/or comment! I sadly must keep my flist trimmed back in my losing battle to keep some of my personal life from being subsumed by the internet. Mostly my reading list has to do with how often I'm reading someone's LJ and completely not a judge of anything outside of my own very transient, very easily distracted brain. Linking is always appreciated, no need to ask for permission.

Also, if you happen to know me in real life, I would very much appreciate it if you kept my personal details offline.

I have obsessively organized LJ Memories and tags because, um, I am obsessive like that.

Brushes in icons from Miss M, Quebelly, captainarrg, fearher, addicted_smiles, and Colorfilter.net.

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