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It took me about three tries to finally watch this past the point Thor starts to realize he might be stuck on Earth.

Spoilers for Thor and Avengers

I was extremely unimpressed by Thor the first time I tried watching this, but after watching Avengers and Joss Whedon's total shipping of Loki/Thor (srsly!), I am much fonder of Thor. Possibly this is also because Hulk punched him. I still think his initial plan that led to his banishment was stupid, but as he seems like a very large eager puppy who accidentally wrecks all the furniture while being enthusiastic, he is not nearly as objectionable as Tony Stark in the Iron Man movies.

Also, why in the world does Loki think it'll be funny to let the Jotun in during Thor's supposed coronation? Is he already kind of evil then? What are we supposed to make of that?

Also also, my huge problem with this movie is the portrayal of adoption and heritage and genetics. I do think the movie tries to present Loki going evil as his choice, since Thor and Odin and his mother all still love him, but there's something about the "Now he knows he is a Frost Giant! The information is too much for him and he reverts to evil Frost Giant ways!" and "You can try to raise someone with kindness but blood will show" that irritates me. It doesn't help that I naturally tend to sympathize with the smaller, darker-haired sibling who is wordier and less athletic and feels like he is in the shadow of his blonder, more charismatic brother. That said, though I am annoyed by the choices shown re: adoption and think Odin should have told Loki earlier, this is grounds for sulking and maybe lashing out at your family via mean words, not sending giant robots to firebomb them, attempt to kill your father, bring in enemies to raid, and then attempt genocide.

I wish I were more interested in Jane Foster, but there's not very much of her being a science geek and much more of her looking at Thor with googly eyes and being awkward. I didn't buy the romance at all, which takes some of the drama out of the Thor-breaking-the-Bifrost scene.

Darcy is awesome, and I was sad all the "Darcy is recruited into SHIELD by Coulson" scenarios I've seen in fic are fanon, not canon. Darcy/taser is now my new OTP.

Also, how in the world is the blue Frost Giant box thing that is apparently not the tesseract different from the tesseract? Are they powered by the same blue glowy light? Do they have nothing to do with each other? And in that case, why does Red Skull find the cube in some Norse mythology carving thing?

Loki's horned helmet is still funny.

Thor is much more fun when he is smashing coffee cups and demanding large animals to ride than when he is being self sacrificing. Also, I felt that didn't really show much character growth. My impression of Thor is that he would have done something like that for his comrades anyway. I suppose the big difference is learning to count humans as his comrades as well, but it doesn't really speak to his learning better about randomly waging war and the like.

And finally, why does Loki show up to whisper in Erik Selvig's ear? Does that mean he has been influencing Selvig since before Avengers, or has he possessed Selvig and that's how he manages to open the tesseract door in Avengers, or ... ?

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