Mon, May. 14th, 2012, 10:14 am || Iron Man 2 (2010)

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I rewatched this to try and catch more bits of Black Widow characterization, and wow, now I remember why I was so very hesitant when going in to watch Captain America last year.

So yeah. Despite overflow happy hearts from The Avengers, still hate Tony and Iron Man here, am appalled by how he treats Pepper, hate the objectification of all the women, really hate how Tony's statement about solving world peace in the very beginning is never really dissected, and overall am left with very bad taste in my mouth.

ETA: Also, I found it notable how the suit is used in IM2 vs. Avengers. Obviously both movies use it as a weapon, but in Avengers, the first shot of the suit is Tony using it to build or repair something underwater. In IM2, he wears it more as armor, despite the fact that the use of it is killing him more quickly; it still symbolizes invincibility, albeit a false one. He parties in the suit, lounges around in the suit, and then fights in the suit. And while Tony in IM2 does construct some sort of particle collision thing to generate a new element in his house (!! haha), he does this in "civilian" clothes. I also think the rock music and Tony recklessly brandishing a giant hammer to knock holes in walls is much more characteristic of IM2 than the view of science and engineering in Avengers.

Science is the thing Tony does in IM2 when he isn't suited—he spends his time reading up on Howard Stark's stuff while in a lounging robe—it's something that can be separated from the suit, even though it's what makes the suit. Whereas in Avengers, you have Tony using the suit for purposes other than fighting, most notably, to repair the helicarrier. And I think that character integration is what lets him reach out to Bruce in the movies, since Bruce is also trying to do the scientist/fighter dichotomy thing.

Also, although Howard Stark's eventual confidence in future Tony is played as somewhat nice, seriously, wtf? Hey, let me ignore you all your life, and now that you're grown, I'll just thrust something I couldn't complete on you and say it's because I had that much faith in you! Ptui.

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