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For 2009, IBARW will take place between July 27 to August 2.

IBARW collects links to participating posts during the week; we try to get posts from people who blog about racism all year round and from people who habitually blog about other topics. As with [info - personal] rydra_wong's link spam, all posts regardless of content are linked to, so there may be fail appearing. If you discuss IBARW in your post and do not want it to be linked to, please mention it in the post and we will respect your wishes.

How to participate:

  1. Announce the week in your blog.

  2. Post about race and/or racism: in media, in life, in the news, personal experiences, writing characters of color, portrayals of race in fiction, review a book on the subject, etc. (Linking back here is highly appreciated!) The optional theme this year is "global."

  3. Let us know by bookmarking your post on Delicious with "for:ibarw," or comment with a link to your post in one of the link collecting posts.

For inspiration, here are the previous years' IBARW posts and last year's POC in SF Carnival IBARW edition. You can also check out this post or delicioused recommended reading for further resources.

Hopefully I will have the time to get IBARW posts out, but if not, all books reviewed this week will be by POC.

Also, the Asian Pacific Islander American Spoken Word and Poetry Summit is happening this week! Information on how to register (through Tuesday). There will also be two free shows:
* Volume Control 3: Bay09 Fundraiser - Friday July 31 @ Wheeler Hall, UC Berkeley. Please help promote! You can cop the flyer here.
* Community Showcase – Saturday August 1 @ Dwinelle Hall, UC Berkeley. 7pm doors, $7-10 sliding scale

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