Sun, May. 17th, 2009, 03:59 pm || Yay!

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I went to my old library yesterday, and I knit and watched Project Runway S2 (hate Santino SO MUCH), and it was excellent and I had nothing due!

This morning, I went back to my old farmers' market for the first time in what feels like forever! I now have entirely too many peas, strawberries, blueberries, Garnet cherries, and a fruit tart. I tried some of the Bing cherries but wasn't overly impressed and don't particularly have an impression of the Raniers. There were also raspberries, although I passed those up, as well as very early peaches, which I also passed up.

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of white corn, which is currently in Safeway.

The heat wave makes it not so fun to walk around, but I don't care! It's summer! I HAVE FRESH FRUIT!

I also got to see [info] - personalrilina and [info] - personalthistleingrey today, and we had a tasty brunch, cupcakes, and watched the first episode of Painter in the Wind. I don't think any of us have any idea what is going on, as I have failed as distinguishing nearly all the male characters and have no idea as to what rank everyone is and how they all interact with each other. Still, there has been cross-dressing, the requisite bathroom scene, jumping off cliffs, a tiger nature scene, shounen painting commentary, an animated brush painting of a half-naked guy, a painting competition in which people drag paint brushes nearly as tall as they are around a room, a woman scandalously going across the veil separating her from the guy, and a possibly cross-dressing ninja-type (is there a Korean equivalent of "ninja"?) person who has bangs emo-ly flopping over her (his? her dressed as him?) eye who seems like she belongs in a drama not about painting.

It was extremely fun, and I am looking forward to more!

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