Thu, Nov. 6th, 2008, 11:18 am || Kim, Derek Kirk, and Jesse Hamm - Good as Lily

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It's Grace Kwon's 18th birthday, and mostly she's thinking about her cute drama teacher Mr. Levon and the school play. That is, until she goes out at night and stumbles across herself at 6, 29, and 70. Now she has to hide the other Graces from everyone as she tries to help the drama club raise money.

This is a cute, light YA story in which everyone has realizations and comes to terms with themselves. The gimmick of the many Graces sometimes doesn't work so well—I especially wish they were spread out more in terms of age so that 70-year-old Grace's life weren't such a surprise—but Kim pulls it off. Hamm's art reminds me more of indie art than manga or superhero comics, but I found it fitting for the story. I like that there are many curvy women and girls represented, and that the Asian people look Asian in a non-stereotypical way!

The title ties in less with the story than I wanted; it's pivotal for one of the Graces but not necessarily all of them, and some of the futures felt unnecessarily bleak. Also, I want to argue that being single at 29 or 70 is not always a giant tragedy! People can have rich and enriching lives without being a part of a couple or having kids!

Still, I think Kim might do well with even more pages to flesh out his characters, and I'm always grateful to have Asian-American characters who aren't dealing with culture angst.