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EEEEEE!!!!! Godchild 8 and Cantarella 9 and Emma 6 have finally arrived OMG I cannot contain my excitement I want to read Godchild rightthissecond! is work done yet?

Some links:

  • ladyjax is looking for links for the 8th POC in SF carnival. The theme is "What Lies Between Us: Intra-racial Dialogs," and links are due 2/24.

  • I thought I had already linked to this, but clearly that is a sign that LJ-as-external-memory-storage for me is more necessary than ever. The 7th POC in SF carnival goes back full circle to Willow, the person who began the carnival. Hers is on ENOUGH: The Anti-Street / Urban Anti - Exotic / Lit Carnival. I haven't had a chance to get through all the links yet, but there's a lot of good stuff in there.

  • rachelmanija posts on Angel Sanctuary: 12-14, 15-17. I love that one of the cut-tags is labeled "Setsuna escapes on the back of a flying whale." The best part? I forgot about the flying whale! It is like the flying walrus, only larger and with fewer tusks.

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US Figure Skating Nationals

After I finished my programming homework yesterday (note to self: do not count to a number that is constantly changing), I rewarded myself by watching the rest of the US Nationals. I was going to stop at a decent hour, but then I got caught up in the men's competition!

Anyway, first, I don't remember the pairs at all. Oh wait, Baldwin proposed to Inoue. I feel like I should be awww-ing, but instead I feel somewhat squicky about the white-man-Asian-woman thing, especially because usually Baldwin talks in interviews instead of Inoue. Oh,

Ice dancing: Go Belbin and Agosto! I like their new program a lot and really hope they do well at Worlds. I am a little meh about Davis and White, though I think they could be very good; I think I just didn't like their program last year. I like the understated Lonely People one much, much better than the overdone "Let's be Arabian while using western music and putting on sequined belly dancer outfits!" that you see so often in figure skating. I say this even though I am suckered into liking them anyway.

Women's: Wow! Finally, interesting stuff! I mean, I like Kimmie Meissner and Emily Hughes in that I think they're solid skaters and very nice people, but they're not very interesting to watch. I hate watching Sasha Cohen in interviews, but when she skates, you can tell it's her skating, not just anyone. I'm rooting for the little Asian girls and fast-forwarded through everything Dick Button to try and avoid any stupid, stupid comments about how Asians are taking over ice skating WOEZ. Also, I was glad to see two Filipina skaters (one in pairs, I think?). Anyway! I am interested to see how Caroline Zhang does once she grows a bit more, I like Rachel Wagner so far, and I don't have a good sense for Mirai Nagasu, because I've only seen her once this year. But it looks like the next few years for women's skating in the US will be much more fun to watch.

Men's: AWESOME. Personally, I really dislike Johnny Weir in terms of personality, even though his skating has been awesome this year (I wish he'd do something about the costumes, on the other hand). And even though I don't like him, it has been really cool seeing him pull it all together finally. I was sad Evan Lysacek didn't do better in the Grand Prix because I love him and also now feel less skeevy thinking he's very hot now that he's over 20. But mostly, I really like how he just goes at all his programs, and I I am enjoying watching him go out there and risking it by constantly trying the quad.

I was also scared Lysacek would just lose it, since he's the defending champ and he hasn't done as well this year overall, but I loved that even though he had a few mistakes in his short, he just went all out. And got rewarded for it too! And the cliffhanger, when Weir skated and placed a little ahead by a point or so! And then the long! That was such an exciting competition to watch -- I love that Lysacek gave the long everything he got as well, especially that awesome footwork sequence (I love his footwork sequences in general). And then Johnny Weir put in a quad! And landed it! I did snicker a bit when the announcer said something like: "Johnny Weir is skating to 'Love and War,' a piece written just for him. His costume has a broken heart on the front. His skating is layered like that."

Me: *snorfle* Because you don't get more subtle than a broken heart on your chest! Or skating as Jesus of Nazareth the year before!

I snark at Johnny Weir, but I do think it is just awesome that both he and Lysacek didn't back down and did skate their best. It's always so disappointing watching Worlds and Nationals and Europeans and have the top skaters skate worse than they did all season. Also, dude! What a way for Lysacek to win! I have to say, this is why I like the new system. I am not arguing about who deserved to win or not, because they were so close it's nearly impossible to judge, but I like that the new system does look at things like footwork and spins and whatnot and how difficult the program is.

I wave my tiny little Evan Lysacek flag! Also, I see now that Bebe Liang got into the US intl. team, and I cheer for her. She's been on the scene for a long time, and I keep rooting for her, and it's nice to see her getting better even as all the kids shoot past.

Am hoping ESPN broadcasts the Japanese nationals as well as Europeans, because the Japanese skaters are really fun to watch right now. So many good ones!