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Last updated: 1/3/2008

Apparently I highly recommend a lot of stuff. Mostly (hopefully) this is because I stop watching things that don't interest me.

  • OVAs/Movies [tag]

  • Bleach [tag] - fled
    Your standard shounen anime adaptation. The voicework is fun, but I prefer the manga.

  • Cowboy Bebop - finished
    Highly recommended. Gorgeous animation, bebop music, bounty hunters, and the Western-in-space conceit years before Firefly aired.

  • Fruits Basket - finished
    Recommended, though the manga is even better. Somewhat too candy-colored at first, but gradually deepens.

  • Fullmetal Alchemist [tag] - finished
    Highly recommended. Plot like whoa, great emotional arcs, excellent characters.

  • Gundam Wing [tag] - finished
    My first anime! Giant robots and complex politics, with pretty boys to boot. Recommended only if you're a fan of mecha, or unless you are a giant fan of insane, suicidal bishounen pilots! I just rewatched this with rachelmanija, and boy was it fun.

  • Gunslinger Girl [tag] - finished
    Pretty good. More one-offs about little girl assassins than plotty.

  • Haibane Renmei [tag] - finished
    I really liked this small, quiet series about living and forgiving and moving on.

  • Honey and Clover [tag] - finished
    Possibly my favorite anime ever. Aka, cannot rec this highly enough. Five art students and their lives through several years.

  • Last Exile [tag] - finished
    Steampunk with fighter pilots. Starts good, but sort of falls apart.

  • Mushishi [tag] - currently watching
    Highly recommended so far. Dreamy and atmospheric and wonderfully strange.

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion - finished
    Apocalyptic anime with insane religious symbolism and interesting takes on mecha tropes. I love this; most people understandably don't because the ending wanders off into OMGWTFBBQ-land.

  • Ouran High School Host Club [tag] - finished
    Shoujo meta. Hilarious and highly recommended.

  • Princess Tutu [tag] - finished
    Metanarrative about a duck-turned-girl-turned-magical-ballerina who saves the world through ballet. Highly recommended.

  • Revolutionary Girl Utena - finished
    Highly recommended. Fairy-tale meta, genderbending, cross dressing, symbolism, and complete insanity, plus one of my favorite fictional lesbian couples.

  • Romeo x Juliet [tag] - fled
    Romeo and Juliet with a flying city and cross-dressing Juliet. Despite the coolness of flying cities and cross-dressing, I got bored.

  • Rose of Versailles [tag] - currently watching
    Anime based Ikeda Riyoko's classic Rose of Versailles. Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution, complete with genderbending and cross dressing. Still withholding judgment.

  • Saiunkoku Monogatari [tag] - fled
    Not bad, but currently not too exciting. Young woman tries to be a bureaucrat in Tang-Dynasty-China analogue. Lots of bishounen.

  • Samurai Champloo [tag] - finished
    Hip-hop and Meiji Japan, I kid you not. Recommended.

  • Vision of Escaflowne - finished
    Fantasy with mecha and an Absolute Fate Engine or something. Not bad, but not great either.

  • X [tag] - finished
    Gothic shoujo as only CLAMP can do. Pretty good, if you like Gothic shoujo.

  • Yami no Matsuei [tag] - finished
    Recommended for the True Love of Hisoka and Tsuzuki, completely not recommended for everything else.

Other series that I've seen snippets up and never finished: Gasaraki, Kare Kano, Trigun