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  • Alias [tag] - fled
    Spy show with sleek gadgets and insane plotting. Started out fun, and then made me want to spork out my eyes because of the treatment of women, despite the (originally) kickass heroine.

  • Angel: the Series [tag] - killed
    Buffy spinoff that grew into its own fairly early on. Vampire in LA trying for redemption despite increasingly steep odds. I love it despite my many issues (treatment of women, Joss' usual world-building holes, treatment of race), and it's still one of my favorites.

  • Avatar: the Last Airbender [tag] - currently watching
    Elemental fantasy world. Some consequences aren't as harsh as they could be, largely because of the limitations imposed by the network (Nickolodeon), though I love how the show uses Asian cultural influences for its world building. Also, super props for having an entire show with no white people. Also, this show just makes me laugh.

  • Battlestar Galactica (new) [tag] - fled
    Humans vs. intelligent machines that look human, complete with fighter pilots and exploding things. Love the miniseries, got completely bored during S1. Watched a few random S3 episodes, some of which were great, but got bored again.

  • Blood Ties [tag] - currently watching
    PI gets help from a vampire. I love the heroine (the PI), though the MotW format bores me a little.

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer [tag] - finished
    One girl in all the world... Kickass quippy heroine. I love this to pieces despite occasional qualms (Joss' usual world-building holes, occasionally problematic interpretation of feminism, complete lack of POC). This got me back into fandom and into the world of LJ.

  • The Collector [tag] - fled
    Now-immortal monk sells his soul and ends up collecting them for the Devil, though thanks to another bargain, he ends up getting 48 hours to try and save them. Clunky dialogue. I got bored.

  • Dead Like Me [tag] - finished
    Teenage girl dies and ends up as a Grim Reaper. Despite a shaky first few episodes and truly awful world building, this grows into a very touching show about living.

  • Farscape [tag] - fled
    Um. Astronaut from Earth gets wormholed into a motley crew? I got bored during S1. Does have cool kickass woman in Aeryn.

  • Firefly [tag] - killed
    Western in space! I love this to pieces despite not-so-occasional qualms (Joss' usual world-building holes, occasionally problematic treatment of women, COMPLETE LACK OF POC DESPITE CHINESE SETTING). Joss, c'mon. I love you, but you keep doing the same problematic things.

  • Good Eats [tag] - currently watching
    The reason why I am addicted to the Food Network. Could use more non-Western recipes and techniques, but I adore Alton Brown and his complete geekiness, amazingly comprehensible food science explanations, crazy props, recurring characters, and especially how the show teaches not only recipes, but demonstrates foundation techniques and explains why things work in the kitchen.

  • Heroes [tag] - fled
    People with extraordinary abilities start popping up worldwide and must try to save New York from being blown up. Problematic treatment of women and POC. Great first season, lousy second season, am not sure if I will stay on for the third.

  • Homicide: Life on the Street [tag] - currently watching
    So far, a smart, articulate show about Baltimore cops, with smart portrayals of racial relationships! Amazing.

  • Joan of Arcadia [tag] - fled
    Girl gets missions from God. Really cute-but-not-cutesy first season with a great cast of characters, but I got bored during S2.

  • Life [tag] - currently watching
    Cop back on job after being wrongfully imprisoned for ten years. The cop annoys me, but I love his partner and am hoping for a Mulder-Scully dynamic.

  • The Office [tag] - fled
    The lives and loves of the employees of a small paper company. Sharp humor (Diversity Day!) and really great dialogue, but I ended up not watching because it's a little too close to home to enjoy.

  • Pushing Daisies [tag] - currently watching
    Quirky show about a guy who can bring people back to life with a touch. But with another, they drop dead again. I love the Technicolor art direction and the odd but incredibly sweet storylines. Also, it has a black knitting detective who is the best thing ever.

  • Sarah Connor Chronicles [tag] - currently watching
    Takes place post-T2 and renders T3 AU. So far, I love Sarah Connor and Cameron and Ellison, and the show has been pleasantly exceeding expectations by how smart it's being. It's not a take on genre tropes, but it seems to be fairly solid, and bonus points for female lead, more than one woman in the credits, and POC with a good role.

  • Scrubs [tag] - currently watching
    Hospital sitcom with zany fantasy sequences and apparently pretty accurate medicine. I really love this show, and it never ceases to make me laugh and also go "awwww" (also: yay! Actual POC on screen!).

  • So You Think You Can Dance [tag] - currently watching
    The show that broke my refusal to watch reality shows! Awesome dancing and choreography, and I love watching all the dancers attempting things in different genres. Also, bonus points for avoiding my embarrassment squick.

  • Spooks/MI-5 [tag] - currently watching
    Great British spy show with intelligent writing that has Holy Shit Quotient like no other and understands that spy drama comes from spy stuff and politics, not personal life stuff. One of my favorite shows that more people need to be watching.

  • Stargate: SG-1 [tag] - fled
    Um. So there's this Stargate that allows people to travel to different worlds. Somewhat cheesy and clunky at times; I can see the goodwill toward the show, but I eventually got bored and just wandered off.

  • Supernatural [tag] - fled
    Two brothers hunt demons and have lots of familial angst. I found this mildly amusing at times, but I got bored.

  • Ugly Betty [tag] - fled
    Not-too-fashionable Betty Suarez works at fashionable and rather shallow Mode Magazine. Props for lots of POC, but I just never got hooked.

  • Ultraviolet - finished
    Highly recommended 6-episode series. Modern-day vampires with actual, not-too-sporky science and intelligent characters!

  • Veronica Mars [tag] - fled
    Spunky, sarcastic girl detective. Awesome first season, mediocre second season, and then I threw things at the TV during the beginning of S3 and never went back.

  • The X-Files [tag] - fled
    The show that first got me into fandom, way back when! I will always love it, even though I've only seen bits and pieces (some S2, most of S3 and S4, some of S5, most of S7). I love the first seasons, hate S7 and got bored during S8; given everyone else's reactions, I am forever thankful that I skipped out before the show really went down the tubes.


  • Coffee Prince [tag] - finished
    Cross-dressing heroine meets hero, with requisite love quadrangle. The cutest thing ever. Ever! Also, one of my favorite treatments of the cross-dressing heroine trope. Just thinking about this show brings a goofy grin to my face, and I love it beyond words.

  • Dal Ja's Spring [tag] - currently watching
    33-year-old Oh Dal Ja is supposedly another Bridget-Jones-esque figure, only the show quickly goes from that to looking into her work life and relationships. Though some plot points annoy the heck out of me so far, I love Tae Bong, the completely non-alpha romantic lead, and I very much love all of Dal Ja's friendships with co-workers, mostly women.

  • Damo [tag] - finished
    A tea servant for the police in the Joseon Dynasty and her superior officer uncover a national counterfeiting conspiracy. I love the heroine and the hero, and I particularly love how the drama focuses on the constraints on the heroine's life and the difficult choices she must make.

  • Fantasy Couple [tag] - finished
    Rich, snobby heroine bumps into working-class hero. She eventually gets amnesia (!), and as a way to get his money back, he convinces her she's his lover so she'll clean his house. The supporting characters aren't as good as some in other dramas, but I love Jang Chul-Soo and really love Anna.

  • My Name Is Kim Sam Soon [tag] - finished
    Bridget-Jones-esque 30-some pastry chef falls for rich restaurant owner. I love this because Sam Soon is forthright and honest and goes for what she wants. Sometimes I want to hit the guy over the head, and especially the Other Woman, but this is still funny and touching. Also, Sam Soon, her mother, and her older sister are awesome!

  • Nobuta wo Produce [tag] - finished
    Popular Shuuji and extremely odd Akira end up "producing" Nobuta to stop her from being bullied by other girls. The premise sounds awful, but this is one of the best takes on the Pygmalion trope I've seen, and I particularly love how it examines popularity and social acceptance. I didn't like the ending, but the rest of the show is great.

  • Snow Queen [tag] - currently watching
    Math genius turned boxer and woman dying of some wasting illness meet as kids, then apparently re-meet. Melodramatic to the max and not that great, but the "two hurt people growing closer" thing gets me every time.