Sun, Jun. 4th, 2006, 12:16 pm || Farmers' market

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I almost don't want to write about this, because I want to keep the cultural appropriation posts up near the top of my LJ.

But I'll post on that later.

Anyhow, I went to the farmers' market, and after a weekend away at WisCon, I returned to find that there were no more sugar snap peas, that the cherries have now come out full force (Tulane and Bing, mostly), and that.... peaches and pluots and nectarines, oh my!

There were only a handful before I left, and now they're everywhere! I only got a few, because I suspect the ones next week will be better, but still... I have pluots! Little purple ones, not the dinosaur ones that I love or other types like Flavor King and Flavor Queen, but still! I also have white peaches, and the guy says that white nectarines are coming next week!

I also have three baskets of blueberries, half a pound of fat, ripe Bing cherries, and, of course, a ton of English peas, sweet and fresh and crisp.

No vegetables (besides peas) for me this week, largely because all the things I bought before WisCon are still in the fridge, awaiting cookery. I think I'll finally attempt potato-leek soup if I have time today.

ETA: I think, for the first time in history, I may have bought too many peas. The mound awaiting shelling is slightly intimidating, although I doubt I'll think so when I have more peas to eat for tomorrow!