Wed, Dec. 28th, 2005, 01:23 pm || Notes from the long weekend:

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1. Coming back to work, even for a very short week, really sucks.

2. "Jicama" is actually pronounced "HIH-cuh-muh," rather like "hiccup." (I learned this by puzzling a grocery store person by asking for "ji-CAH-mah.")

3. Raw black radishes are very spicy.

4. Raw jicama is very tasty

5. My mom will inevitably try to order California rolls, no matter how high the table has been heaped with sushi. (I won the bet with my sister, by the way)

6. White bean and rosemary soup is extremely tasty.

7. Knee-high, black, lace-up boots with round toes and clunky heels are impossible to find when one goes to outlets specifically looking for them.

8. Alternately, when one does manage to find the perfect pair of knee-high, black, lace-up boots with round toes and clunky heels (on sale too!), the store will not have one's size. Also, said boots will be impossible to locate online.

9. I am now apparently drawn toward random kitchen gadgetry (Oxo Good Grips brand, how I love you!), despite being a very, very amateur cook at best.

10. Having not enough shelf space has apparently dampened my desire to buy books. This is probably an extremely temporary situation.

11. My rats have the uncanny ability to read my mind and go precisely where they should not go. Bad rats!

12. My rats probably phrase this differently: "To boldly go where no rat has gone before!" While all of ratkind may appreciate their explorations, my mother most certainly does not.

13. I am very tired.