Sat, Oct. 1st, 2005, 10:03 pm || Serenity

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The following is utterly irrational squeeage.

You have been warned ;).


How could they kill Wash? And poor Zoe, and the deck with his dinosaurs still there, and after all that! *sobs*

I was crying in the theater and huddled up for the last half of the movie, so scared that Joss was going to kill the entire crew. And poor Book!

But oh, my big damn heroes! And it was such the perfect plot for it, both the things in River's head and the Reaver's and Mal getting to really stick it to the Alliance, and I can't even say how much I loved them all when they went in there, knowing it was quite possibly a suicide plan. And just... them, holed up, fighting off the Reavers, knowing what might happen, and Mal up there just trying to get the damn thing out.

Can't stop the signal indeed.

I just hurt so much from those, and I was really so, so scared Joss would kill them all. I mean, I felt sad and the like about Book, but I never thought it would be Wash. And then Zoe there on a somewhat suicide mission, then Kaylee, then Simon. And then finally River, a little girl against the Reavers, at which point I started breathing a little easier. I love that the Operative was finally foiled by one of Mal's wounds from the war; it just makes such beautiful sense thematically, that it's all Mal's scars and wounds (and same with that of the crew) that make them who they are and give them strength as well.

I loved loved loved that shot of the door opening to River, backlit, standing there with a sword and an axe, looking so much like Buffy in "Anne" and all the other Slayers. Ok, I mix mythologies now, but still.

And it's a sort of Buffybot!

I was a little scared of the info-dumpy beginning until it turned out to be River, and it turned out to be Simon's rescue operation (I had to keep myself from shaking consonantia and yelping, "It's her brother!!!!!!!!!!" (consonantia has not seen the series before). And I was so glad that almost all the bits from the trailer were from the beginning, and that there were still so many good bits later. And it was great being able to see them in context as well. It was so odd watching the beginning and feeling a bit off, but then I settled back into the 'verse again and it was beautiful.

River fighting is frighteningly beautiful.

And eeeeeeeee Simon! I am a total sucker for people with little sisters!

It hurt so much to see Serenity as a Reaver ship.

And oh, Mal threatening to shoot his crew if they didn't get behind him, and Mal being conflicted about leaving people behind, and all the Simon-Mal conflicts and Mal-Jayne ones, and gaaaaah.

*hugs movie*