Mon, May. 9th, 2005, 10:59 am

add to memories

Gaaaaaaaaaaaah. Thanks to jonquil's note, I may have scored tickets for the Serenity preview showing in SF. Maybe. Unfortunately, the page does this weird error message thing and the customer support number leads to some travel agency. So I called and they said that even though the error message showed up, my purchases may have gone through.

So, a) the purchase is simply not showing on the account or my credit card statement yet because I just made it two minutes ago b) the puchase did not go through because it is booked c) it did but I'm afraid to book it again because I already did it three times and may have accidentally bought 6 tickets (consonantia, I got one for you of course).

At this rate, I don't care if I booked extra tickets, because I figure I will know at least someone who didn't get them who will want them (hopefully), but I really really really really hope the purchase went through.

Wah. The angst. It kills.