February 7th, 2013

teru teru

New Year!!

Now that I have been attempting to plan Chu Xi dinner with sister and reading about other people celebrating online, I am homesick but also getting more into new year mode!

This year: I have no decorations up b/c I don't like the fancier/shinier/more decorated ones they sell around here. I just want red paper with black or gold words on it; no flowers, small children, cartoon characters, and whatnot! Fancy calligraphy and neat ways of writing the characters is good though. It is especially sad because my mom has been taking calligraphy for a while, so for the past few years, I actually had some written by her and her teacher, which was really cool.

(Now getting distracted by calligraphy. This fu is cool, though obvsly it would have to be a snake now. I also really like older style characters, esp. the ones that look like oracle bone ones. And then there are modern ones! I think my mom likes the slightly cao zi style ones, though not if they are too cao.

(As you can tell, I am a bit of a sucker for calligraphy. Also, my chinglish is crap.)

Anyway! The point being, are you guys doing anything for new year? Food details are HIGHLY encouraged. I am going to try steaming a fish again (*crossing fingers*) and the potluck with have dumpling wrapping, sister is making savory nian gao and sweet and sour pork ribs, and other people are in charge of veggies and meatballs in fen si and etc.

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