February 6th, 2013

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Reading Wednesday


I was going to say that I didn't manage to finish a book this week, but then I managed to read on the bus yesterday without getting carsick and then sped through the book at home.

**What I've just finished:** Martha Wells' *The Wizard Hunters*, the first book of the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy. It is *so nice* to be able to luxuriate in sf/f worldbuilding and plot again, and even better when I manage to like the first part of a series. I looked at the next two volumes (or, well, their listing in my Nook) with great pleasure and anticipation: hours more of enjoyment! More time finding things out about the world! I usually read for character and still do, but it is a very nice feeling to be able to juggle more than one aspect of a book again.

I feel I should also note that I finished my audiobook listen of Tamora Pierce's *Magic Steps*. It seems that the return of plot brain also means the return of "brain whirring too much before sleep" and ergo the need for more meaty content to distract it. The Circle books have been really comforting to listen to and they soothe my anxiety.

**What I'm reading:** I stalled out on the Andrea K. Host. I think I am just not up for books that focus so much on the protagonist's inner life right now, which I find amusing, since that was basically all I could read for the past five years or so. Other than that, just started the next Ile-Rien book and am currently listening to *Street Magic*. I like the narrator's voice here better than Tamora Pierce's, who narrated all the other Circle books so far. I also really like the person doing Evvy. Other than that... Oh Tamora Pierce. You try so hard, but the vaguely West Asian coded villains in *Magic Steps* and the entire setting of *Street Magic* is making me facepalm.

**What I'm reading next:** Probably the third Wells book, and then maybe her Raksura trilogy? Or, hopefully by then I will have gotten my greedy hands on Karen Lord's next book.

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Chromatic Press announcement and interview

PEOPLE I AM SO EXCITED OMG!!!!! Also so happy the founders specifically say that they want to focus primarily on girls and women, and especially on fannish people!

On a more practical side, I am super happy to see Lillian Diaz-Przybyl there, and really really really hope they can lure Svetlana Chmakova to write more Night School stuff.

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