November 12th, 2006


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Ha! I have managed enough CSS to make myself a banner graphic at the top of my LJ without using tables! Joy!

It is probably a sign of extreme dorkiness that now I want to convert my entire LJ layout so that it is table-less. Given the amount of time that stupid banner took (make minor edit in Photoshop, save to .jpg, upload to Scrapbook, find URL, compile S2 style, find that one detail is off, start over), table-less-ness is probably not a good idea. Also, my style probably doesn't work at all in various browsers, as I am being a bad web person and not testing. Oh well! For once, I am not going for usability!

I figure anyone who hates it can always append ?format=light or use the most wonderful thing ever, bookmarklets (don't work in IE6 and above). My favorites are "zap colors" and "zap images." Pretty much the only reason I finally ended up switching from Generator to A Sturdy Gesture and from S1 to S2 (besides tags) was so that I could have custom comment pages. Usually I find custom comment pages a huge annoyance, but the one good thing about A Sturdy Gesture is that even if you zap colors and zap images, the boxes and indents around the comments remain, so I can still read the entire comment tree coherently, as opposed to completely losing track of who is replying to whom.

I would also like to note that that stupid 1 pixel border under the banner image took forever to figure out because I completely forgot about the border-bottom attribute. *headdesk*

I am so obsessive!

Also, I got really sick of my pink-and-grey scheme really, really fast. So now it's all pink and girly and I can pretend it's spring already and the very bestest thing ever is that the theme is "Sakura of DOOM!"

I am so twelve, but I love it so much.