November 10th, 2006

godchild evil parrot of DOOM

Yuki Kaori - Godchild, vol. 03 (Eng. trans.)

I have given up on resisting the lure of Godchild and started just buying it whenever I see the latest one out. I may have become slightly more inured to Yuki's particular brand of logic, as it actually took thirty-some pages for me to start cackling gleefully.

Current awesome Gothic things of DOOM include: poisoned needles shot through windows via blowguns, incest, a man with Freddy-Krueger-esque claws in a top hat, a strange person conducting music from the roofs of buildings, poisoned posies, Riff as a nickname for "Riffael" (this one generated much amusement), insane secret societies based on tarot cards, and more eyes on a plate in the author's note!

Said eyes on a plate were a reference to the previous volume, and Yuki adds an additional note that it's very cold in London, so really, Cain should be wearing thermal underwear. But she doesn't like that idea, so she has him just sleep naked.

I love Yuki Kaori's id SO MUCH.

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