July 23rd, 2006


Birthday market!

Ok, not really a market just for my birthday, but it is a farmers' market on my birthday!

I do actually still have IBARW posts, but I haven't gotten around to writing them because sophia_helix and actoplasm are visiting me! Yay!

I dragged them all off to the market, despite the fact that it's around a hundred degrees outside. I think they were both a little overwhelmed by the blitzkrieg approach I take and the sheer amount of stuff I get.

"How in the world do you carry all this?" asked sophia_helix.

"Um," I said. "My arms get tired a lot, and my mom suggested that I buy one of those baskets on wheels so I'll look just like the old ladies at the traditional Taiwan markets."

Thankfully, even though we got out of the house late, the pea guy still had peas!

I suspect it's because most sane people don't go out to the market when it's a hundred degrees outside.

But! More peas for me! He also convinced me to try the romano beans, which were cute and flat and green and fuzzy. I also got heirlooms (WHOO!!), lemons, seascape strawberries, raspberries (must see if they're still tasty), the last of the cherries just for the heck of it, blueberries, peaches, corn and cucumbers for cucumber-dill-yogurt sauce. Must remember to buy yogurt and dill. And soy milk.

Mmmmm. Fruit and vegetables!

Next, birthday plans involve going to the Best Burger Place Ever, going to Kitchen Porn Store (aka, William Sonoma) and buying myself my pink stand mixer. And then, maybe, going to see a movie (air con!), sitting in Borders and reading manga (air con!), sitting in other places and being cheap and not buying stuff (air con!).

Yay! I am a quarter of a century old today! I can rent cars! How exciting...