June 29th, 2006



Hi everyone,

I don't know who really reads this, but for any of you who used to read about the rats... Fitz-rat passed away last night. The vets said he was having seizures because of a brain tumor. He was two-and-a-half years old.

I got my rats in February of 2004, and I picked Fitz-rat because he just kept crawling all over me. Like me, he would do pretty much anything for food, and unlike me, he would do pretty much anything for a good scritching. Later on, I found that if I scritched him around his chin, he would lie on his back with his feet waving in the air.

I tell everyone this story because it's so Fitz-rat:

He ran away once, and I panicked, especially when I found he was hiding behind large kitchen appliances, under little nooks and crannies that made him impossible to grab. I thought he'd be lost for days and days, but when I saw his nose poke out from under the oven, I grabbed his favorite treats and shook the container in the vain hope that it would lure him out.

Instead of being anything near cautious, he abandoned all hopes of freedom and ran straight up to me, standing on his hind legs to beg for the treats.

That was my rat. He was friendly and happy and totally domesticated, and he loved nothing more than to flop down in some person's lap so he could be scritched all day long. He liked lying down, all flat and rug-like. He liked beating up poor Fool-rat, and he was always the rat who could figure out the fastest way to get to food, or things that smelled like food.

Sometimes he'd bounce around the couch and bounce right back and try to stick his head under my hand. If I ignored him, he'd bounce around, then bounce right back and try again until I paid attention to him.

I loved him a lot, and I miss him a lot already.

I think Fool-rat is very lonely right now because there's no one for him to curl up with, so I'm looking to adopt some more baby boy rats.

- A very sad me