May 15th, 2006

teru teru


Woe. I have made the belated realization that I should probably start reading non-LJ blogs, given that I have an RSS reader in Firefox. As a result, I have been madly adding assorted knitting blogs, which has, of course, spurred my desire to knit humongous lace shawls of doom and buy extremely thin cobweb weight yarn so that I can torture my fingers even more.

Then, of course, I found manga blogs and Scott Westefeld's blog, which is fun (Eeek! How can Specials be out already? And in hardcover? I saw it at Borders, but really cannot get it because I broke book-buying moratorium too much and got artbooks last week). I manfully resisted getting the latest Dessen as well.

Also discovered at Borders was the fact that summer is apparently the time for all knitting magazines to put out lace knitting articles. I foolishly went ahead and bought Interweave Knits' new issue, even though the lace knitting articles tells me absolutely nothing I didn't already know. But... lace! Lace is my new obsession, even though I haven't really knitted a crazy shawl yet. But I have plans! And an obsession!

I couldn't find Vogue Knitting, but apparently they have a lace knitting article as well. Obviously, I am doomed. Also, I've found eight more things I want to knit, despite being on a yarn-buying moratorium (no more for me until I manage to clear out some more of my stash). Um... yes. Needless to say, my to-be-knit stack is frighteningly large.

I wonder if there'll be a knitting circle at Wiscon? Hrm....

However, I succumbed and bought a book on duelling (Gentlemen's Blood by Barbara Holland), largely because it was four dollars. I'm hoping that it'll respark my book interest. Fear not, I'm not uninterested in books in general (perish the thought). But I just seem to be picking up things that mildly interest me but don't grab me by the throat. That's actually probably why I've been reading so much manga lately.

So yes, any book recs that you think I might like or blog recs are highly welcome.
i cook

Things I learned in six months of cooking

I am feeling insanely guilty on the increasing number of manga-focused posts, so I am actually trying to write non-manga posts and spamming everyone as a result.

Anyhow, random things I have learned from cooking...

I've really only been cooking since December, and last month I didn't cook anything because I was moving and my kitchen was in boxes. So this is going to have a lot of stupid epiphanies in it.

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