May 14th, 2006


Market day!

I beelined to the peas. After loading up, I browsed around, not really having anything I had to get. I ended up with leeks (I think I will make vichyssoise or however you spell it and have it chilled, mmmm. Anyone have a good recipe?), lemons (not as good as the lemons yesterday; I think I got there too late), 3 baskets of strawberries, one basket of cherries (YAY!!!! First ones of the year), and olive bread, which I am having with the absolutely delicious olive oil I got at the Ferry Building. I never used to believe that olive oils had varied tastes, like wine, but the one I have is delicious.

I went on to make Middle Eastern spinach soup, which is a lovely shade of green when pureed, but had my Moroccan tomato soup, caprese salad and olive bread for lunch with cychi. Thankfully, he does not dislike tomatoes. I always forget to ask people about these things before I feed them, which is very bad! The Moroccan tomato soup tastes really good after having spent a week in the fridge, thereby completely alleviating my guilt about letting things sit for too long in there. And the spinach soup tasted lovely as well (at least the bites I had), but I'm waiting for it to chill. Then I'll stir in the yogurt and have it for dinner with PEAS PEAS PEAS!

After that, we ventured to a powwow, which was extremely hot. I didn't actually go around and see that much, because it was very hot. Also, I seem to be getting allergies, ugh, and all the straw strewn everywhere didn't make my nose too happy. However! I got fry bread! With honey and cinnamon and powdered sugar and oh, so good! I've only had it once before, but it was so good that I still remember it. Plus... fried dough with honey! How could that be wrong?

It's really hot outside, but I have fresh fruits and vegetables and oh, my kitchen is in use again! Joy!