April 11th, 2006

teru teru

Randomosity and moving whine

I'm too lazy to type up anything substantial, so instead, you all get random things about my life.

1. I am so incredibly sick of packing already. Every time I want to do something or read something, it's in a box where I'm not. Cannot wait till I can finally unpack and stop living with boxes everywhere, though that will probably take an extremely long amount of time. Le sigh.

2. I finally watched the exhibition skates for Worlds, and man, Stephen Lambiel in loose jeans and a black mock turtleneck is really, really hot. He serves as an excellent reason to have more guys skate in jeans (though I suspect skating in jeans is tougher than skating in spandex?). Also, when he skates, he keeps showing little flashes of his tummy because the shirt is untucked. I never thought that would be sexy, and yet, it is. I think it's the sense of vulnerability.

3. "The Queen and the Soldier" has been stuck in my head for the past three weeks.

4. Not being able to cook is also driving me crazy. Am very sick of eating of having to buy lunch every time. So no more kitchen experimentation until I finish moving, woe.

5. I want to read a good, deep, quiet romance, but I can't seem to find a book that will fit this that isn't a reread. Sadly, all the romance novels I have aren't so good at quiet and deep.

6. On the plus side, I have finally finished my sister's purple scarf! Pictures to come as soon as I get my camera back. And so, I have started on a new project with green and gold ribbon. Ribbon knits funny, and it's much chunkier than I thought it would be. Yay summer projects! I love them because I'm too lazy to knit sleeves on sweaters.

7. I'm supposed to get a washer/dryer for the new place. Since LJ contains all knowledge, does anyone know anything about this? Thankfully, since it's my mom's place, it will be coming out of her budget, so price is as much of an issue.

8. Really, I just want to spend weeks on the sofa with my fat rats and watch TV and not pack anymore!
mmm books

Voigt, Cynthia - On Fortune's Wheel

I reread this because I was in the mood for a quiet, deep love story. I may have misremembered how important the love story is in the book, but it's slow and quiet, which perfectly suited my mood.

On Fortune's Wheel is set two generations after Jackaroo (which I also love) in a land simply called the Kingdom. It's vaguely reminiscent of your standard medieval-European fantasy setting, but instead of focusing on place and worldbuilding, Voight uses the Kingdom more as a backdrop for her characters. As a result, it feels somewhat like a fairy tale, roughly sketched out, but leaving detail to the reader's imagination.

Birle, the Innkeeper's daughter, manages to head off on a long journey with Orien, a stranger she finds stealing their boat. She has her own reasons for leaving; she feels confined by her life at the inn, and she wants to escape a hasty engagement that she got herself into.

I like Birle a lot. She actually reminded me a great deal of Gwyn in Jackaroo; both women are looking for something larger out there, pushing boundaries in their own ways while not being "spunky" or "spirited." And I love Birle's practicality, despite her weakness for blue eyes.

I especially like how Voigt shows how limited Birle's options sometimes are; it's unflinching but not depressing, and it feels realistic.

Despite Birle and Orien's journey to different places and assorted unpleasant circumstances, this is a small book at heart, centered on Birle and how she changes. I found that I rather liked that, even though me ten years ago would probably be bored by it.
teru teru

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Gaaaaaaah! To feel productive, I packed more. But since I'm lazy, I didn't want to pack kitchen stuff, which isn't that easily boxable. So... I now have 8 boxes of books in my bedroom.


I no longer have shelves and shelves of books double-stacked surrounding me! No more ability to casually browse the shelves!

I pet the remaining three shelves of mass markets that are left, along with my Nana manga.

I feel very naked all of a sudden.