March 26th, 2006


Mmmmm, seafood

In which I eat my weight in crab...

Some friends of mine decided to plan a seafood extravaganza yesterday, in which everyone who went would pay $15 for fresh crab, oyster and shrimp. Because they were getting them fresh from the market, it was considerably cheaper than restaurant prices, and also, there was a metric ton of it. I think they ended up getting 250 oysters and who knows how many crabs (I counted about ten, but I got there an hour late, so more may have been consumed). And oh, they were good!

The oysters were raw, too! It sounds nasty, but... mmmmm, raw oysters. They were fresh, so they tasted sea-like without being too briny or too strong, and there was horseradish, cocktail sauce, tabasco sauce, Vietnamese hot sauce, lemon and creme fraische on the side. I discovered that my favorite combination was an oyster with a little cocktail sauce and lemon juice, all salty and sweet and spicy and sour at the same time, but nothing drowning out the sea taste.

And the crab! I may have ended up eating an entire crab, or more! I always run out of words when I get to good food. But fresh crab is the best thing ever! Except, you know, fresh oysters and fresh lobsters (sadly, no lobster for me). Or fresh seafood in general. Unfresh seafood is possibly the worst thing ever, and really, anything that smells fishy or too strong or just doesn't taste fresh isn't. And it's really just wrong to spoil fresh seafood like that, because when it's fresh, it's just wonderfully sweet and mild and delicately flavored! Mmmmm. I didn't dip the crab in anything, though there was melted butter, just because it was so good by itself that I didn't want another flavor on top of it.

I also ate like a barbarian. I brought along a work friend, who may have been completely bowled over by the sheer amount of seafood, noise, people, and/or gluttony going on the room. I kept trying to apologize for eating like a barbarian, but then, what is one supposed to do when confronted with steaming piles of crab? Those who are faint of heart should probably never accompany me to a Chinese seafood restaurant -_-;;.

Then, there was tri-tip for the poor people who didn't eat seafood, giant hunks of tri-tip piled around everywhere, mostly rare. I would have eaten twice my weight in this in other circumstances, because it was delicious and would have been the highlight of the meal, were it not for the crab and the oysters. Mmmmm.

There was also salad and hummus and vegetables, all of which were good as well. And shrimp! But I didn't eat the shrimp because it had been boiled without the head still on! Tragedy! Heresy! *ahem* See above re: barbarianism and food, particularly seafood. Seriously, though, shrimp just doesn't taste the same if it's been cooked without the shell on. And! After I had completely stuffed myself, the dessert came out! Homemade chocolate-raspberry cake, homemade tiramisu, strawberry cheesecake and ice cream! I had some of everything ^_^.

Actually, most of the women did. It was rather funny, because we were all sitting around in happy food comas (at least, mine was) and saying things about not being able to eat a bite more. Then someone took out the tiramisu, and everyone jumped to their feet, eyes alight. Then came the strawberry cheesecake. Then the chocolate cake with raspberries came out, and there were about five of us literally bouncing up and down and asking when we could have some OMG the temptation, so cruel! We ended up taking pictures with our extremely loaded plates of dessert ^____^.

I think the best part (besides the food, of course) was being surrounded with other people who were obviously enjoying the food just as much as I was; I hate it when I'm the only person at the table gorging myself. And it was great being surrounded by women who were also eating as much as me, and it was wonderful with the noise and the eighteen different conversations going on at the same time, people coming and going, hands everywhere grabbing even more food. I knew only about half of the people there, but it felt so comfortable and so fun. I love food so much!

I may be still digesting everything I ate yesterday. But ohhhhh, so worth it!

Mmmmmmmmm, foooooooooood.