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After watching several MCU movies (particularly CA2) in preparation for Age of Ultron, I wanted more source material and ended up mainlining this despite being completely meh about it when it first aired. I'm still unconvinced that the writers think SHIELD is as sketchy as I do, which is frustrating, because they keep toeing the line of "SHIELD is untrustworthy" and then hastily backpedaling and reassuring us that Coulson is great and trustworthy, and therefore by extension, so is SHIELD.

On the plus side, the second season added some much more interesting new characters and threw a few wrenches in the "happy team yay" vibe from the first few episodes.

Spoilers for S1 and S2

I was spoiled for a fair amount, since I hadn't been planning on watching the show, so I knew about Grant being HYDRA, something happening to Fitz, Skye being Quake, and her mother being immortal(ish).

I feel bad that Dichen Lachman seems to get cast as any character with Asian descent in any SF/F show. Also, I was not spoiled for her ultimately being evil, and I am still pretty annoyed by that, especially because it came hand-in-hand with a redemption storyline for Cal. The actor was great, yes, but I didn't really feel that it was earned. I would comment more on Skye's birth parents and parallels with May and Coulson, but no brain.

Still annoyed they killed Raina. And Trip, who I liked, even though he didn't have much to do on the show.

On the plus side, I LOVE Bobbi and Hunter and Mack and all their relationships with each other, from the bickering between Bobbi and Hunter to Mack's old friendship with Bobbi. OMG that scene with Bobbi in the finale when she thrusts herself in front of the gun to keep Hunter from being shot! It was also a very nice example of how you can put female characters in a great deal of pain and mental anguish without threats of sexual violence or sexually objectifying their pain. I mean, it's obviously there for the hurt/comfort effect, but it's very much the role that male characters tend to get.

Also good: Bobbi and Mack secretly working (at first) to take down Coulson's SHIELD and the general distrust of Coulson and his alien obsessions. Alas, there was way too much of May (and others) believing whole-heartedly in Coulson and thereby in his SHIELD for my taste.

It was really nice getting to see an interracial relationship of two POC, which I feel is incredibly rare.

I thought Fitz and Simmons were irritatingly twee in S1, but I liked how the emotional divide in S2 worked, particularly once Skye's alien/Inhuman heritage comes out and how Fitz empathizes with her due to his own experience. I was much less happy with Jemma developing romantic feelings for Fitz in the very end, which felt like it was stuck in there purely for more angst on Fitz's part.

Despite generally still hating Grant, I did like his extremely creepy and Stockholm syndrome-y thing with Agent 33. And despite being very annoyed by Fury annointing Coulson the new head of SHIELD and all the icky "You're such a good person, how could we ever doubt you" vibe that frequently surrounds Coulson, I like his relationship with Skye.

Looking forward to learning more about the Inhumans and the Kree in S3, because while I have issues with a lot of the character stuff, I am enjoying the world building a lot.

In conclusion, Bobbi Morse = THE BEST Y/Y?

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