Thu, Nov. 20th, 2014, 12:41 am || Arrow, 3x07 Draw Back Your Bow

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Oh Arrow, please please please stop writing romance. Especially for Oliver. Though to be honest, I didn't like any of the ones in this episode. (Except Diggle and Lyla, and obviously that wasn't the focus on the ep.)

I am probably the only non-Oliver/Felicity shipper out there, but I just found that awkward and annoying. I liked it much better in S1 when Oliver had minor angst over Laurel and Tommy but it wasn't too terrible and he was generally nice. And I actually liked Felicity and Ray Palmer, because the actor is incredibly charming, but they keep making him creepy! Stop being creepy with your employee!!! Finding out someone's dress size to get them an outfit to the dinner you assume they'll go to is creepy!!! As is trying the Pretty Woman necklace thing.

Sigh. I kind of wish they went with Felicity and Barry, though obviously that would have been impractical in terms of logistics.

Also, can we not introduce another love interest for Thea and give her more plot instead? I wanted to shake DJ Dude and his obnoxiousness.

I will not even go into the main plot, which was awful and embarrassing to watch any time Carrie Cutter was on screen.

On the plus side, at least they didn't spend too much time on Roy's angst and Diggle actually got some lines. Diggle! Get a mask or something, seriously. And possibly some body armor.

That said, I liked where the episode ended, with Oliver bringing Roy over to Diggle and Lyla's. I miss the focus on family that the show had before they killed off Moira, and that was a nice note.

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