Tue, Oct. 7th, 2014, 11:57 pm || Gotham 1x01-1x03

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So far, I am still watching because I am a sucker for Batverse, but I haven't really hit it off with any of the episodes yet.

Assorted random notes:

- Did they cast Selina Kyle to look like a younger Michelle Pfeiffer? Because she does.

- I am glad they stopped mentioning how Selina likes cats and how Oswald walks like a penguin because yes thank you I get it show!

- Curious if they're going to go for the Jim Gordon/Sarah Essen storyline, especially since they have her cast as a woman of color, and as older, and as his boss.

- Edward Nygma in forensics seems a bit overkill.

- The Bruce Wayne scenes bore me SO MUCH. I think I started laughing when they had him playing loud metal music, because they keep throwing in all the cliches about trauma and adolescents. And the whole Gordon giving him the say re: Gordon remaining on the police or not made me roll my eyes, as do all the "He is SPECIAL" vibes. Don't do that!! That's what annoyed me so much about Nolanverse!

- I am also not too fond of whoever's playing Gordon. On the other hand, and I feel kind of terrible about this, I find Bullock hilarious and immensely entertaining. Gordon is most interesting when he's interacting with Bullock.

- YAY canonically lesbian Renee Montoya! Also, Barbara is so much more interesting with Montoya than she is with Gordon. Montoya's partner is kind of meh, and I am wondering if we are going to see the Bullock-Montoya partnership, because that could be very amusing.

- I cynically feel Oswald Cobblepot is going to be the new woobie of fandom and I preemptively roll my eyes forever.

- I really wish I liked the actress for Selina better because CATWOMAN. MY FAV.

- Also, this show has no idea what tone it wants. There are the police, who think they are in a police procedural. Some of the villains apparently think they are in the Tim Burton Batverse. And Fish Mooney seems to be in her own show all together (what is that accent??), but I don't really care because she is so entertaining.

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