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Spoilers want to let loose hell on earth

Weirdly enough, Ichabod's claim that they used to call it the destruction of the tea seems to be true according to Wiki. The writers for this show actually look stuff up on the internet?! (Normally I would not count this as research, but since this is the show with George Washington's magical bible...)

Ichabod talking to the OnStar lady was excellent. Speaking of which, are we going to see Katrina again? I'm pretty sure Jenny has had more screen time than her, and Jenny's not even in the credits (please add her to the credits).

Jenny! Jenny having military training in Mexico and South America because all who follow in the shoes of Sarah Connor do! Jenny and Abbie and their standoff, with Ichabod finally interceding because he would appreciate it if the two didn't end up shooting each other. Normally this would annoy me, but Ichabod is remarkably non-annoying. And I laughed so much at all the secret symbols and the sextant/projector. Oh George Washington.

I also rolled my eyes at the evil Hessians, because really? Especially Flashback!Hessian, who had oiled hair with side curls and a pointy mustache. An actual pointy mustached villain! Oh show...

I appreciate Captain Irving's moments of competence, and his going through the crime scene to rule out the Headless Horseman as a perpetrator reminded me a lot of how Gregson and Bell actually get to detect stuff in Elementary. Yay Captain Irving! Please don't be evil.

And yet, despite the ridiculousness of evil Hessians, random mystical books that open doorways to hell, and bad CG demons, the characters are really good. I loved Abbie at Jenny's former foster home, especially how she watched out for the woman's current foster child (also black, which is unsurprising given the disproportionate number of POC in the foster system and probably telling of the foster mother). And promising to tell family services on them. I also love Ichabod's body language in that scene, where he just angles his body toward Abbie as a protective measure while not interfering with her doing her thing. See, white guy heroes? You can be protective without being overbearing asshats! (*cough*WARD*cough*)

But mostly... Mills sisters! The revelation that Corbin had been mentoring Jenny as well! The way they talk about having played by the church as kids, or sharing memories of their mom making them remember Bible verses. The way Abbie kind of rises to the bait when Jenny asks her if she believes in the supernatural now, and the way she casually introduces Ichabod as her time-traveling friend and fellow apocalypse stopper. I also love Ichabod kind of awkwardly stuck in the middle, especially during the car ride with Jenny talking about her work and having to act on what you believe in, and Ichabod clearly empathizing. You guys can go off and start revolutions in Sleepy Hollow; it'll be fun, I'm sure.

I've seen people mentioning that Abbie really wasn't the only one at fault, and I do think that's the case. But given how Jenny is dragged out of the questioning room screaming, I can totally see why Abbie feels completely guilty and needs to apologize. As with the previous episode, I like how she owns up to it without flinching. You can totally see how she got into law enforcement; she holds herself to the same high standards she measures others with. I also love the continuing moments of tension even after the apology, especially Jenny's jealousy of Abbie being chosen as a Witness. Have interesting interactions over that and Sheriff Corbin! Also talk more about your mom and your dad!

Someone on my dwircle was scared that they were just building up the Jenny-Abbie thing to kill of Jenny for more Abbie angst, and now I am totally paranoid. Come on, writers! The Mills sisters are a gold mine of emotional conflicts and family bonds and exposition (what other things has Jenny retrieved?).

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