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*points to icon* So it's not anime, but! There is a head in a jar!!!!

As I am sure everyone knows by now, this is the story of Ichabod Crane, who is transported into our time, along with the Headless Horseman. Lieutenant Abbie Mills has her plans upset when her mentor is killed by the Horseman, and though she isn't too sure about him, she partners up with Ichabod to figure out what's going on.

OMG people. I know everyone has said this, but this show is ridiculous! I am greatly enjoying the sheer over-the-top-ness, and so far, I appreciate that Abbie has been given just as much angst as Ichabod. They are not quite Mulder and Scully, though the show obviously has that in mind as a template, but there's room to grow. Also, I would appreciate it if they are not Mulder and Scully wrt the overwhelming nature of Mulder's angst and alien pregnancies and whatnot.

Spoilers have a head in a jar!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG. It's not enough that there are the FOUR HORSEMEN and THE APOCALYPSE and BOOK OF REVELATIONS! No! The American Revolution is actually a battle to SAVE THE WORLD FROM EVIL! The British have literally allied themselves with evil witches! The amount of importance assigned to the American Revolution and therefore to the founding of the US itself is so bombastic and arrogant that all I can do is laugh. *wipes tears from eyes*

Poor John Cho, having to play the evil yet somewhat incompetent henchman.

And already, we have an evil naked lady! I'm guessing there's going to be a lot more of that as the show goes on, sigh.

Like everyone else, I am amused by Ichabod's fondness of donut holes. I'm not sure if I want more man-out-of-time hijinks or more man-out-of-time angst, since the show is clearly not going to be very consistent about anything, but given the two choices, I would much rather have the hijinks.

I am sure it is way too much to ask that the show refers to things such as Lord Dunmore's proclamation and the "Ethiopian" Regiment, since they are already doing the whole "all good historical Americans opposed slavery!" thing. Le sigh. Hopefully there will be some good fic about it.

Also, I lol'ed at Katrina's so-not-historical witchy trying-to-pretend-to-be-vaguely-historical clothes. And the gravestone. And the dire warnings. Hopefully she'll get unfridged later, since the actress seems to be a series regular?

I am glad there is a woman of color in the lead, and that there is another POC regular and a (fairly regular?) POC guest star, but of course one of them is outright evil, and the other is an obstruction at best and will probably be an antagonist part of the time. Also, given the number of POC, it's kind of sad only a few lines manage to pass the race version of the Bechdel test each episode.

And finally... Abbie! I am really glad they gave her meaningful personal reasons of her own to decline Quantico and stay in Sleepy Hollow. I was afraid it would be another "woman randomly abandons her important career decisions to help the white guy." Not super happy about the implied missing (presumably black) father in her life and how the white Sheriff Corbin fills that spot, but I do like the mentor/father-mentee/daughter relationship. And I just like that she has her own backstory about being believed or being thought crazy, and how that informs her own actions. Also, I am hoping that will prevent Ichabod-Abbie from doing the
"Mulder the believer is always right and Scully the skeptic is always wrong" dynamic.

And I was just watching this for fun, except they threw in the last few minutes of episode two, and now I might be invested! Because while I like Abbie, the Sarah-Connor-esque training while wrongfully stuck in a mental institution sister who is probably bitter and all kinds of unfriendly already has ALL MY LOVE. ♥♥♥♥♥ I hope she is a regular! I want push and pull sisterly dynamics! And demon hunting! And all sorts of training sequences!

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