Fri, Apr. 13th, 2012, 10:48 am || N things make a post

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  • Sigh, cannot make it to Wiscon after all ;_;. I originally thought I could after getting a refund for taxes, but I just got an invitation to a family friend's wedding on the East Coast. So... there goes that. I am especially sad because I really want to go and support the increased number of anime/manga panels! (And by support, I really mean ramble on about Princess Tutu and Utena...)

  • In other news, California seems to be trying to cram three months worth of winter into April. It has been pouring for the past few weeks, and yesterday brought on a lot of thunder and lightning as well. And! I am almost done assembling all the furniture and whatnot for my kitchen, which means I can soon start doing things like stocking up on the fridge and pantry again.

  • I have started to read again! This is a relief! Now let's see if I can manage to write something up...

  • Also, I caved and am now on Twitter as [ profile] ActuallyOyceter. Right now it's mostly Echo Bazaar stuff. I think I'm also [ profile] oyceter on Tumblr but I don't post and I haven't checked Tumblr for a year.

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