Tue, Sep. 2nd, 2008, 12:42 pm || Hong Kong: food and the occasional building

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Alas, I am not still in Hong Kong, though I really wish I were. Instead, I am about two months late in posting these pictures!

ETA: apologies for some of the smudgy photos; I hadn't realized I had a fingerprint on my lens for about ten pictures or so.

More subway photos! I thought this looked a lot like the London Tube, which also has fast, steep escalators lined with ads?

A cloudy Hong Kong skyline from around the Kowloon ferry terminal.

More of the ferries and Hong Kong.

MANGOSTEENS OMG!!!!! I came back to discover that Taiwan has outlawed importing mangosteens. I have not had them for five years! Thankfully, my aunt was incredibly nice and bought an entire bagful for me in Hong Kong. So tasty!

The insides are these fleshy white lobes. If the seed is small or underdeveloped, you can just eat a slice, but otherwise, you have to gnaw around the seed. I don't know how to describe the taste... they're a little tart and just very fragrant and not quite like anything else I've had. I am so sad I will not be able to get any more until next year, if I can make it back to Hong Kong for the summer.

All the following photos are smudgy, as I didn't realize I had a fingerprint on my lens until later. These are little fried taro dim sum things.

Deep fried egg batter! They have the same texture as sha qi ma and are covered with sticky honey. Yum!

Bwahaha, roast squab!

Fish maw (stomach) and chicken. I think. Fish maw is very weird and sort of spongy like bamboo pith.

Deep-fried something... I think I photographed it because I haven't had it before, and now I've forgotten what it was!

Tasty congee!

A really good dessert called jin sha liu bao (I think). The outside is just like a baozi, and the inside is cooked egg yolk mixed with egg, and somehow it's liquidy, like the texture of a soft-boiled egg yolk, and a wee bit salty and sweet and so good!

Turnip cake in XO sauce is ten times yummier than plain turnip cake.

Roast pork with very, very crispy skin. Yum!

Possibly one of the oddest ice cream flavors I've seen for a while. Sadly, I didn't have a chance to get it because I was so full.

The clock tower somewhere near the ferry terminal in Kowloon, framed by the arts center.

More Hong Kong skyline! What? I am greatly fond of it.

I tried to get a photo of a very typical Hong Kong scene: a narrow street bridged by blinking store signs. Alas, no such luck, so instead you get a view of some billboards in Causeway Bay and small look at the double-decker buses (normal public transportation, not for tourists).

The best vending machine EVER! BOOKS!

Another shot of the Hong Kong MTR, because the Causeway Bay station reminded me so much of some Tube stations (only missing the Cadbury vending machines). I think it's the curving walls, though possibly I am confusing them with another city's public transportation.

Afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel! So tasty! So much food!

Mmmmmm, scones.

I tried to get a picture of the mountains that are everywhere in Hong Kong, but the picture's a little blurry because it was taken from a taxi going to the airport.

Another view of the mountains.