Mon, Aug. 11th, 2008, 05:36 pm || Loot!

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BWAHAHAHA! I got a ton of loot at the Strand today (and at the Strand Annex over the weekend) and I am going to rub it in everyone's faces and brag because I never manage to find manga on sale in California.

Loot ($2 for everything save the manhwa, which was $2.50):

  • Mixed Vegetables, which I have never heard of but stars a daughter of a pastry chef who wants to be a sushi chef and the son of a sushi chef who wants to be a pastry chef.

  • Sugar Princess 1

  • Forest of Gray City 2

  • Goong 2

  • Flower of Life 3 (from Forbidden Planet)

  • High School Debut 5, which I'm not actually collecting, but hey, TWO DOLLARS!

  • Vampire Knight 5!!!!!!!!

  • Nana 12!!!!!!!!

And, bwahahahaha, half of them are not out on Amazon yet!

... now I know how coffeeandink must feel like all the time.

ETA: On the other hand, I didn't find an ARC of Octavian Nothing 2 and I forgot to look for one for Justine Chen Headley's new book.