Wed, Jul. 23rd, 2008, 11:47 pm || Yay!

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Yay, birthday! Er, or it is almost over in Taiwan but in the middle of beginning in the US.

Time zones, they are confusing.

I didn't ask for any presents because I can't think of anything save "Help me pay for grad school," but we did go out to have fancy French food at my request. Bwahahaha. I blame this all on watching too much Sweet Relationship over the summer.

Anyway, the restaurant said no food pictures, though they let me take some as long as I promised not to post them online, so no picture spam. But I had smoked salmon and caviar on a soft-boiled egg presented in the egg shell; chicken consomme; jasmine-infused mango panna cotta topped with mango and lovers' fruit (green pickled mangos) sorbet; a wee birthday cake with layers of passion fruit, raspberry and rhubarb jams; lamb; a wee crab crepe with a wee lobster-thing that was incredibly good and sweet; and probably other dishes I do not remember. Which is why I take pictures!

I also bought myself some books, though that is less a result of it being a birthday and more a result of my entering a bookstore. Managed to finally find the first two volumes of Yazawa Ai's Last Quarter and picked up a completely random manhwa that looked like it had gorgeous art and retold fairy tales.

And now, to bed.