Sat, Jul. 12th, 2008, 11:56 pm
oyceter: AKICOLJ

Would anyone who watches a lot of Bollywood movies be willing to watch this and tell me how the dancing is? (possible spoilers for So You Think You Can Dance Top 12)

I am really really happy about more cultures being represented on the show (Chinese folk dancing pleeeaaaseeeee?), but I haven't watched enough Bollywood dancing myself to be able to tell about technique and etc., and I'm pretty sure the judges haven't either. Also, I think a lot of the praise from the judges is coming from just having a Bollywood dance on the show; I remember when a couple did lindy hop last year, the judges so did not pick up on a lot of the little technique problems that they would have for a more familiar genre like ballroom.

(Also, while I like Katee and cheer for her, my reaction was also, "What, how can you not know what Bollywood is?!")

Also also, while I am here, commentary on the African jazz piece very welcome!

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