Mon, Jul. 31st, 2006, 02:51 pm || Kubo Tite - Bleach, vol. 14 (Eng. trans.)

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Y'know, despite the obvious gender problems of the Soul Society arc, I'm still greatly enjoying it.

As a minor note, I have no qualms with Rukia's name, despite naming a (male) rat after her, largely because I call the rat Ruki all the time to avoid mental confusion.

However, I named Bya-chan and Renren before really getting a grip on Byakuya and Renji's characters in Bleach, so now every time I read "Byakuya" or "Renji," I think of my rats first.

This will make reading very interesting.

Also: Yoruichi!

Yoruichi is a girl!

Yoruichi is a dark-skinned girl!


Of course, I don't quite understand why Yoruichi whisks Ichigo away to train him instead of just fighting Byakuya herself, but... oh well. I guess it would be out of the question to not let Ichigo fight the Great Dramatic Battle with the Heroine's Brother.

Thankfully, having Ichigo and Rukia together again meant some spark of life in Rukia. I loved the bickering about the rescue.

And... it's not really an "official" part of the manga, but the little sketches Kubo puts in about everyday life totally crack me up. Especially the ones with Karin's classmate doing her thing and interacting with Ichigo's insane friends and insane family.

Yay to Orihime doing cool fighty things! I really like her.

And the creepy captin of 12th (?) squad who experiments on people is... creepy. He reminds me of the sand guy in Hellboy.

Also, Ichigo is getting another power-up to his zanpaku-to? Hee! Why am I not surprised?