Sun, Jul. 30th, 2006, 08:06 pm || Weekend report

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I managed to snag more peas and romano beans from the pea guy, along with some strawberries, raspberries, more heirlooms, and... pluots! Yay pluots! They still don't have my favorite varieties out yet, but I did get one of the dappled ones. I also ventured out and got a scone and a linzer tart, although the scone is too dry and nowhere near as good as the rhubarb ones at Madison.

I checked at home, and apparently I buy around 6 pounds of peas every week.

I boggle.

After that, I headed off to my local yarn store to take advantage of their swift and to ball my laceweight yarn. The first six hanks of alpaca went quite well. Then I headed on to the 1000 yards of silk/wool blend, cobweb weight.

Um, yes.

Let us just say that it took more time to ball the cobweb than it did to ball the first six hanks.

Let us also say that the cobweb is still in two balls, connected on the outside.

Let us also add that the (very nice) yarn store ladies had to unlock the door to let me out, despite my going there a full four and a half hours before closing time.

Let us also say that argh hate that yarn so much omg tangles tangles tangles woe!