Sat, Jul. 8th, 2006, 11:27 am || Watase Yuu - Alice 19th, vol. 01-07 (Eng. trans.) (no spoilers)

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Alice finds out that words have a great deal of power when her resentfulness banishes her sister Mayura into the Mara. She ends up studying to be a Lotis Master with her crush object, Kyo. Unfortunately, part of the problem is that Kyo is Mayura's crush object as well. More plot summary here.

While I like the emphasis on words and their power, I'm still annoyed by the love triangle of DOOM, by the random obstacles Watase keeps putting up between Kyo and Alice, and completely random instances of nakedness. I mean, usually only the first annoys me that much, but I've been reading so much Watase Yuu lately that it's getting very obvious what her kinks are. And sadly, mine don't quite match up, particularly when one of the giant climactic moments is a near rape followed by a compromising position followed by infamy at school.

I liked meeting the other Lotis masters from different countries, but in the end, I think the story just didn't grab me. I didn't care enough about Alice and her quest to save Mayura, and the romance between Alice and Kyo mainly annoyed me. I think it's because of the love triangle of DOOM.

Also, I wish that the people of color, all too rare in manga, actually got tragic backstories and whatnot like the cute Scandinavian guy did.