Sat, Jan. 14th, 2006, 10:57 pm || Food and books!

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My dad is here! Alas, the first half of today was spent doing real estate stuff (argh argh argh), which is not at all fun, especially if you are looking at something for your mom and really have absolutely no idea what she wants but everyone keeps askingyou anyway.

But then I went to Whole Foods and got a giant can of olive oil, more canned tomatoes and dried black beans and willfully restrained myself from getting more. I think I'll skip the farmer's market tomorrow too, especially if it's raining. Plus, I shouldn't cook too much because I'm leaving for Taiwan in a few days. (yay!)

And then we went to Borders, and my dad said he would buy me books! Mwahahahaha! Except it took too long for me to pick them out, so we headed out to dinner first. Went to a sort of fusion/Vietnamese place, which was much fancier than I had anticipated (I picked it, because my dad is actually sick of fancy food this week). But it was good. Very tasty lemongrass bass, soft and tender and oozing with juice, along with honey-roasted quail with this lime-salt-pepper dipping sauce, crab and pork spring rolls, and other good stuff. And for dessert, there were these fried wonton things with chocolate ganache and banana on the inside, with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce. Really tasty! Plus, I liked the crispiness. They actually had a lot of interesting things on the menu, so that was fun.

I was feeling sort of guilty for the restaurant pick, though both of us agreed it was quite good food. And then, to Borders, where the "buy 3 get the 4th free" sale on manga is still going on! Mwahahaha! But I exercised great restraint and told myself I could pick out one knitting book and four volumes of manga (and then I caved and got a knitting magazine as well... I like the pretty pictures). So now I own Loop-d-Loop (such cool constructions! So many sweaters in the round! Textures!), xxxHolic vol. 6, Saiyuki Reload vol. 2 (guuuuh), Paradise Kiss vol. 1 (must support favorite mangaka) and Cantarella vol. 1 because poison and Renaissance Italy and the Borgias is always good. Even better in manga.

I have totally caved to manga addiction. Le sigh. Well... it was bound to happen sometime!

Now I have tons more knitting patterns I want to make, even though I still have about a dozen in the house printed out that I haven't started either, lalala.