Mon, Jun. 27th, 2005, 03:18 pm || Kirstein, Rosemary - The Language of Power

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Yay! Will has returned! I enjoyed this one immensely largely because of the return of both Bel and Will (I missed Bel a great deal in the third book), and I especially liked how Will had grown in knowledge and the shift in the power difference between him and Rowan.

And yay for more mechanical things and computers and science and everything! I particularly enjoyed the latter half of the book. Basically, I liked everything once Will reappeared and there were more explanations of wizardry and looks at the inside world of the wizards. However, I completely did not catch the whole "Krue" equating "crew" thing until I had read some other people's reviews. Duh, me. I also find it interesting that most of the wizards probably don't understand their own technology either, and I wonder how that knowledge was lost. I'm actually hoping that the next book will be set within the wizard world, or something like that.

This is, alas, a not very deep review. Mostly I'm just glad I got my greedy little paws on the book so I could read it. Yay interlibrary loans.

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